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Name: Olga

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Mongrel

Color: black & white

Fur Markings: mixed

Expect. Size: medium

Act. Size: 43cm

Disabilities: None

Behaviour: calm

Husbandry: housebroken

Olga is castrated

Olga is already mediated, you can visit hit mediation-page here

Something about Olga

Olga comes from a gas station in the area. She is a truly exceptional friendly and sweet dog, very loving and affectionate! A calm dog who loves her basket and gets along well with other dogs.
Unfortunately she got heartworms but is already treated against it!

She would love to have her own family, who loves her and whom she can love!

Who wants to give her a good home?

This is an assesment of one of our volunteers:
Thank you, dear Nadja!

Olga is a very sweet dog lady! Despite her age, she ist still quite keen. This spry dog sure won't be able to run a half-marathon, but people who like to be outdoors would be right with her. But the most important thing for Olga is to be petted. For a cuddly evening on the sofa, she sure will omit an evening walkies round! ;-)

With her black fur and the gray snout Olga seems inconspicuous, but looks can be deceiving! Olga is a real ray of sunshine who would love to spend her last years in a cosy basket in an own home! Gladly also with an existing dog buddy.

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