Island of HopeOur shelter is situated at Buftea, in the near of Bucharest, sort of in the middle of nowhere…..

We have rented the premises and its got space for approx. 100 animals, within the buildings, meanwhile there are approx. 200 dogs and a few cats, too, because everybody knows now, that we are there!

That means, that our animals are lucky, that they are dumped at our shelter, instead of dumping them at garbage dumps or instead of drowning them in waters.

Because we constantly have to fear that we are terminated, we can not make any renovations or construction work - only what we can take with us in case of.

We are longing for a good home for our cats and dogs…but they are all grateful for a dry place and enough food.

To buy the remises, we would need € 250.000,- ... or a miracle!

Both, to have the best of it!

And that's how it looked like when we came here: